Tourists walking around Soller. | Patricia Lozano

Soller joins the rest of the island in welcoming spring. Sunshine days, visitors in shorts and locals in their leather jackets. We all appreciate that this temperature is positively warm for some, but not yet enough for locals. The beach in Puerto Soller is being cleared of all torrent debris every day. The storm brings masses of canes and debris down the mountains after a storm. The earth movers are on the sands right now before the beach installations of sunbeds and umbrellas arrive for 2023.

Many are on the move home this week to Soller, as the student population return to the island for their Easter break. For Soller’s children they are desperate for a bit of sun and lots of reunions with friends. -Plus of course, parents cooking dinners!

The big stories in Soller this week are around the politicos getting ready to rumble. Tidy up time continues to make the news. Asphalting of roads continue and gardening along the main routes. Everything will be tidy for Firo and then for the elections. A political storm brewing about the main projects which are all going to much more expensive than planned. The theatre project and the continuation of the works in the Gran Via will have to do a supplementary request for more money to complete them.

We are anticipating the busiest of seasons and a high rate of local employment but still we are being reminded of child poverty in the Soller Valley. The Red Cross in our midst do a fantastic job supporting families and children. The definition of poverty here is that there is not enough money to make sure good nutrition is had by all in the family. It also takes account of the fact that some can’t join in with activities because of lack of funds. School trips and outings are a problem for some families. Books and toys might also be in short supply in some houses. This is partly to do with unemployment but increasingly it is because of the cost-of-living increases. Families will say that food shopping has gone up 30% and we all know about electricity and gas. The use of the Food Bank in Soller is year-round.

To share head space with poverty and the high-end world of our visitors is a big thought. So many support our Food Bank at Christmas but this year it could do with a spring boost too. To contribute to the work of the Food Bank contact

Pep runs the Caritas Foodbank for the Soller Valley Food Bank. Donations can be done by direct bank transfer to Cáritas Sóller ES10 0075 6811 5906 0041 2326 - The Banco Santander Swift code or BIC is: BSCHESMMXXX1.

New kids on the block this week include a new Patisserie for the Lluna and a Massage hub.
Massage on Soller square is an interesting concept. I am sure it will be concentrating on sports massages for the runners and cyclists. As for the Bakery the name caused consternation as it seemed to be a hybrid of three former bakery families in Soller. All that matters to some is that it is ‘local’.
We are beginning the search for the treat of Easter and the appearance of Lamb Empanadas. Meat pies can be made with pork, fish, chicken or vegetables. The Easter season sees the appearance, for a few weeks only, of the lamb empanada. So rare that when we find them the message goes round on WhatsApp. Our pleasures are simple here and a lamb pie and a glass of wine is a great lunch for most of my friends.

An extra market day for Soller this Sunday. “End of lines’ and bargains galore plus live music and entertainment for the children. A great day out for all the family. The Soller Train and Tram are running, and it is the place to be as you recover from an hour less sleep. Don’t forget to put your clocks forward on Sunday! Come and see us soon in the Soller Valley. You are very welcome.