Parking issues are a priority for the season between April and October. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The political build up is coming to an end as we cast our local votes on Sunday. Soller is poised equally between the priorities of the local residents and visitors. The current ruling party are applauded for their emphasis on the needs of young people in the town and this gratitude vote is important. However, the main issues are Social Housing and Parking. All conversations come back to these two issues and what the policies of the 6 relevant parties, are.

Social housing for local people has not been a priority. Since the last election nothing has materialised. Talk, yes, lots of talk, but no action. We are at a crisis point now with the children of the Town having to move away to find affordable housing. Seasonal workers on ‘convenio’ wages also need social housing, or they cannot live in the town they work.

Parking issues are a priority for the season between April and October. Again, much talk and the only new car park to have materialised is in Puerto Soller where part of the local sports park was taken over, ‘temporarily’ for parking. The fine plans include multi storey car parks on two sites with another two plots earmarked for the future. This is the situation the new team to be elected, will have to sort. This is what they are already offering solutions for, in all their words and publications. The problem is that the sites which are good for multi storey car parks are also excellent to build ‘rent only’ flats for locals. The needs of locals and those of tourism have gone ‘head-to-head’.

This is the last thing we need when it is important for all sides to co-exist. The Soller Valley is a thriving place and over the years has moved from being a farming area to a factory town and now to high end tourism to fund its life.

There are other important policies to consider in this election, but they are being overwhelmed by the Social Housing and Parking crisis. I wish the successful political team all the luck in the world sorting this one out. The past continues to be significant in the Port of Soller. Much of the Port was requestioned by the military in days gone by. The desire of the locals to have ‘their land back’ is a constant theme. Twenty-five years ago, some of the Santa Catalina Port area was given back. These days it is a Marina and Port for the fishing fleet. The announcement this week that a little more land will be given back to create an open path to visit the lighthouse was happily received. However, there are still mutterings about the places still held onto by the Government. One of the political parties standing for election is canvassing very heavily about this issue. Why, after all this time is any Port of Soller land still held by anyone other than local people or the Town Hall? This is the unanswered question.

Tomorrow is a quiet political day as canvassing stops for reflection before the votes are cast on Sunday. The 450 (approx) UK people could hold the golden key to the political future of the next few years. The voting is predicted to be extremely close. Our views, as a minority group have been courted this year. All parties know they may have to be a coalition including a ‘kingmaker’. I find the whole business fascinating and am more than aware that some people, who have the strongest opinions about how life should be, are not entitled to vote. ‘Academic Interest’ only they claim as they like to be vocal. Th politicians are polite but really it is only the active voters, who turn up on the day, who have any relevance.

This time next week it will all be over. The new political team will work with the decisions of the people on the mandate they presented. The overwhelming advice is to them is to quit talking and lets all see some action, please.