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Valldemossa - October 2020


Stephen Baggaley tour of Mallorca

Here is a suggestion where to go this weekend.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Young scientists

Junior Bulletin

The Academy School news this week

The DP2 group are all working hard on their internal assessments.

The Academy School

Year 4 have been studying “The Vikings”

Junior Bulletin

Warriors and woodland wanderings: Queen’s College news

Find out what Year 4 and Reception have been doing in school.

Queen's College

Anna Nicholas, Shirley Roberts, Barry Byrne and Rachel Fox

Humans of Majorca

The Gang of Four Voices…

My crew, which I will introduce you too, is Rachel Fox, Anna Nicholas and Barry Byrne.

Shirley Roberts

Richard Nightingale Goss.


Porreres thanks Richard Nightingale Goss

Richard moved to Mallorca 20 years ago and was often seen playing ballads and castanets in different parts of the Island.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Year 6 students at Bellver

Junior Bulletin

Year 6 at Bellver get to grips with the states of matter

Find out what these students investigated recently in school.

Bellver International College

Head Boy and Head Girl

Junior Bulletin

The Academy School news this week

This year it was not an easy choice as we have so many outstanding students.

The Academy School

More Community
Boxing in the white collar charity match at Renegade Martial Arts

Majorca Mallorca

Woman on the verge

Could 2020 be the world having a midlife crisis as well? Are we all in it together? Is it just me?

Vicki McLeod21/10/2020 00:10

Year 5 students at Queen’s College

Junior Bulletin

Back to school at Queen’s College

Year 5 students have been studying the mythical creatures of Ancient Greece.

Queen's College 20/10/2020 11:38

Tardor volunteers

Majorca Mallorca

Tales from the hunger queue

How can we help?

Vicki McLeod20/10/2020 00:10

Cala Fornells


Stephen Baggaley tour of Mallorca

Not sure what to do on the island? Here is an idea for the weekend ahead.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter19/10/2020 13:35

Palma's "Extranjería" offices


Living in Spain. An update from the British Embassy

Here is the latest update on residency information, driving licences, UK bank accounts and passports.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter17/10/2020 12:13

CrossFit training

For better health, Majorca’s the best fit

Cancer: preparing for recovery with CrossFit

An interview with Nat Díez- Brand Manager for CrossFit Spain.

Simon Kenion Shears17/10/2020 00:10

Last week as I was walking to a meeting in Parc Bit I saw a beautiful rainbow

Looking Forward

Just a thought – It’s about time...

‘You can’t have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time’- Charles Kettering

Margaret Morris15/10/2020 10:46

Anglican Church in Palma

Humans of Majorca

Looking for their autumn life

For those with the inclination to spend your winter time doing something different I encourage you to visit these churches and see what the ‘people of faith’ are up to.

Shirley Roberts14/10/2020 12:38

Local produce


The Mallorca business survival guide

Local Majorcan businesses who will offer their advice and experience to others to stick together into 2021.

Vicki McLeod13/10/2020 14:23

Year 3 Science work

Junior Bulletin

It has been a busy week for Year 3 at Bellver

A very busy week for Year 3.

Bellver International College13/10/2020 12:55

The House system at BIC

Junior Bulletin

News from Baleares International College

The idea behind the House system is that there is a vertical and even split of the children, young and old in each of the four Houses.

Baleares International College07/10/2020 10:23

Children are back to school

Junior Bulletin

The Academy School news

The children have adapted very well to the new routine and we are so proud of how they are respecting the new rules.

The Academy School 07/10/2020 10:08

Benefits of being bilingual

Notes from the classroom

A Gift that Money can’t Buy

To give our children the bilingual gift in this globalised world gives them independence, choice and freedom.

Julie Holdsworth06/10/2020 11:55

They learnt about different climbing styles and techniques

Looking Forward

Just a thought – It’s a kind of magic

One of our climbers described his experience as ‘Insanely Cool’ and on reflection I am inclined to agree!

Margaret Morris06/10/2020 10:38