Nightmare flight to Palma from Manchester. | Mark James

Half-term and the Jubilee week has got off to a chaotic start for thousands of British holidaymakers, many of whom are heading, or hoping to fly, to Mallorca and the Balearics.

But with hundreds of flights being grounded and staff shortages at airports in the UK and Palma, holidays are becoming a nightmare for many.

Over the weekend, Mark James and his family flew from Manchester to Palma.

None of the automated machines were open.

His first message to the Bulletin read: "Hi I have just arrived (in Palma) again for half-term and its complete madness in the airport worse I have ever seen its not even high season. None of the automated machines are open."

Chaos at Palma airport.

And prior to landing, their flight over was far from smooth.

Mark James said: "We also had a terrible experience with easyJet from Manchester last night, we paid for 4 seats on row 3 and people were in those seats.

"Apparently they had double booked the seats which meant we had to be split up, my wife and 11 year old son were left to find an empty seat which they did second row from the back but not together.

"My son was in floods of tears at this point. My fifteen year old had to find a seat alone which culminated in her having a panic attack as she was worrying about her little brother being alone.

"Not once was there an apology on behalf of easyJet, we were just told 'if you want to fly on this flight, I suggest you find a seat.' The stewardesses were probably the rudest and most unhelpful people I have ever encountered.

"The only member of the crew who was genuinely bothered and apologetic was the captain who took me into the cockpit and understood that I was unhappy with the service and the fact that my seats were double booked and my family were split up and upset. He dealt with the situation very well unlike the stewardess crew who couldn’t have been worse."

Problems at Palma airport.

Whatever is going on the UK is up to British airports to resolve, but the situation at Palma airport needs to be resolved and fast, so that people arriving get the treatment they deserve and enjoy their experience on the island.