Lots of talk about restrictions again. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Rising cases of Covid in the UK could pose a threat to summer holidays, according to experts, while the authorities in Spain and other popular holiday destinations are also monitoring increases in the number of cases.

Some regions of Spain have already suggested the reintroduction of masks indoors while central government has recommended that people remain on the guard, take precautions and if they feel vulnerable, wear a mask.

Today, Lib Dem MP Layla Moran warned that holidays both in the UK and abroad could be at risk.
She told the Mirror: “It is possible that holiday plans will be ruined due to rising Covid rates in the UK.

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“Other countries could reintroduce restrictions on arrivals from Britain, and transport companies - already in crisis from the Government’s mishandling of Brexit and industrial action, are likely to see an increase in staff shortages with more off sick.”

Spain reported infections increasing by five times in the space of a week.
But the main concern is the impact another wave in the UK will have on the travel industry.

Airports are struggling due to a lack of staff as a result of Covid and airlines such as British Airways have already cancelled 16,000 flights until October, with another 650 scrapped next month.

And easyJet, TUI and Lufthansa have all been forced to cancel thousands of flights in recent days.