The stranded Mallorcans in Paris. | Marina J. Ramos

Two Mallorcan families were seriously affected by the easyJet strike last weekend at Palma’s Son Sant Joan airport.

“We went from one nightmare to another,” said Maria Ferragut, one of those affected. The long-awaited trip to Disneyland was cut short by four days wandering around Charles de Gaulle airport, with unanswered questions and sleeping “like vagabonds”.

“What I hope is that they improve assistance to passengers, because we felt abandoned,” said Ferragut back in Mallorca.

According to the families, easyJet said that the cancellations were not due to the strike in Palma, but for “other external reasons.”

After having to cancel the previous trip because of the pandemic, the Mallorcan families decided to resume their plans that, like so many scheduled for 2020, were cut short. This time, however, they were faced with cancellations, delays and little information or help.

They were due to have flown from Paris on Palma on Wednesday 29 and 9.20 pm, but that was cancelled at the last minute. So they left Disneyland and headed to the airport to try and get more information. But it was chaos in the terminal.

After hours without any information, easyJet relocated them on a flight for July 1 - meaning two nights at the airport.

The first night was spent at an airport hotel with a voucher from the airline, but that was apparently it. The second night was spent in the terminal.

On Friday, July 1, they were about to finally board a plane to Palma when they were all told to return to the terminal, the flight had been cancelled.

Finally, at 11 am on Saturday, July 2, they landed in Palma.