There were cancellations at Palma on Wednesday because of strike action by Lufthansa personnel. | Timm Reichert

The Balearic consumer affairs ministry is anticipating that there will be "an avalanche" of claims against airlines in August and September because of flight cancellations and delays.

The head of the consumer rights protection department, Jesus Cuartero, says that the department has been receiving many calls seeking advice on how to act and to file claims. "We urge consumers to present claims and complaints," he stresses, pointing to the number of delays and cancellations and "abusive practices that some airlines still apply". The calls to the department have been because of strikes that have affected various airlines, not only Ryanair and easyJet; Lufthansa is the latest to be affected.

The president of the Aviba travel agencies association in the Balearics, Francesc Mulet, says these strikes have been beneficial to Air Europa and Iberia, whose bookings have increased. "Passengers don't wish to fly with low-cost airlines that are affected by labour disputes."

However, these Spanish airlines, as with foreign operators, face another potential issue - strike action by Spain's air-traffic controllers. The union says it "regrets to have to report the start of action in August due to the breach of what was recently agreed with the secretary of state, Isabel Pardo de Vera". This concerns a renegotiation of the current agreement with the state-owned air navigation company Enaire.

Airlines, tour operators and the tourism sector in Mallorca are all holding their breath and trusting that the situation will be resolved. If not, the strikes could start from the second week of August.