Reactivation of foreign tourism has been more or less total. | Laura Becerra

In August, the Balearics attracted more foreign tourists than any other Spanish region. There were almost 2.2 million, 97% of the total in pre-pandemic 2019. These visitors represented 24.8% of the national total. In Catalonia, there were 1.9 million tourists (80% of the 2019 total). Andalusia, with 1.3 million (92%), ranked third.

Over the first eight months of 2022, the Balearics attracted 9.6 million foreign tourists, second behind Catalonia (9.9 million) and with the Canaries third on 7.8 million.

At the national level, there were 8.8 million foreign tourists in August, 87% of the 2019 total. Their spending was 11,258 million euros, 96% of what it was in August 2019. The UK was the main market, with 1.8 million tourists, followed by France (1.6 million) and Germany (1.1 million).

For the January to August period, there were over 48 million tourists (83% of the 2019 total) and their spending was 63,898 million euros (92%).

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Spain's tourism minister, Reyes Maroto, says that expectations of recovering nine out of ten of 2019's foreign tourists over the main summer months (July and August) "have been fulfilled".