Check Spain Coviud entry rules if coming from the UK. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

As the situation stands, Britons traveling to the Balearics and elsewhere in Spain, are still required to comply with a number of Covid entry rules until at least the middle of November while face masks are still required to be worn on all forms of public transport, in medical centres and chemists.

The Spanish Ministry of Health maintains that all travellers from third countries (including the UK and US) must show a vaccination certificate -provided that the holder has completed primary vaccination within the last nine months or has received a booster vaccination- upon arrival in Spain.

Furthermore health checks are still being conducted at Spanish airports and ports to ensure passengers follow the rules. Travelers who do not possess a certificate equivalent to that of the EU must complete the Health Control Form. Exceptions are minors under 12 years of age and passengers in international transit.

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According to Euronews, UK citizens who have been vaccinated are able to travel to Spain, as long as they can prove they are not infected with virus.

Unvaccinated UK citizens no longer need to fill out the Health Control Form, but they must show proof of recent recovery or a negative test. One of the three following certificates is required:
A negative test certificate – either a PCR taken within 72 hours of departure or an antigen test taken within 24 hours.
A vaccination certificate.
Certificate of recovery at least 11 days after testing positive (valid for six months).
Authorities will accept the NHS Covid Pass as proof of vaccination. It can be shown on a mobile device or in paper.

In the Balearics the ban on smoking on bar and restaurant terraces remains in place and it appears that the Balearic government wants to make it permanent and is hoping that it could be included in the new national health plan due to introduced early next year.