Four cruise ships docked in Palma today, Monday. | G. Alomar

Despite the Balearic government’s efforts to stem the flow of cruise ships through the Port of Palma, Mallorca continues to be an extremely popular cruise destination and today, there are four cruise ships in port.

During the first eight months of the year, the Palma has handled a total of 820,677 cruise passengers compared to 1,500,635 in 2019, the year before the pandemic.

And today, being one of the few days under the new regulations on which more than three cruise ships can dock at any one time, four liners are in port.

According to the Balearic Port Authority, at a regional level, the Balearics handled 1,051,181 passengers up to August this year, compared to 1,808,706 three years ago.

Next year, however, the new restrictions on cruise traffic will come into full force and the number of ships permitted in the Port of Palma on any given day will be capped at three and only one of them will be able to have the capacity for more than 5,000 passengers.