A "great summer" for tourism. | E. F.

The Exceltur alliance for tourism excellence points to the Balearics having had the best summer tourism figures in Spain compared with 2019. The region has experienced the greatest increase in income, although inflation and the increase in costs mean that profits are not proportional to this increase.

The Exceltur tourism business valuation report states that the Balearics ended "a great summer" for the tourism sector. This applied to Spain in general in terms of income, but not in profit margins and business results. Growth in the Balearics compared with 2019 is put at 10.1%. The Canaries are second with 8.7%.

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For the winter, Exceltur believes that there should be "a little caution" because of an anticipated slowdown in domestic holidaymaking and negative issues related to Imserso holidays for Spanish senior citizens. In this regard, Andalusia, Valencia and Catalonia will be most affected.

Meanwhile, the alliance, whose president is the Meliá CEO Gabriel Escarrer, continues to express its opposition to the Balearic tourist tax. It is critical of "inconsistencies", such as the fact that the tax does not fully address investment for the tourism sector.

"We are not in favour of tourist taxes, which are presented as a fashionable solution to various problems in the sector and in municipal financing but are more taxes of a general nature and applied to only certain actors in the tourism sector, basically hotels." It would be different, Exceltur argues, if revenue from the tax was awarded and managed for uses for which there is joint decision-making with the tourism sector.