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Figures from the latest Frontur report of Spain's foreign tourism show that the Balearics received more foreign tourists in September than any other region - 1,897,256. The September report published by the National Statistics Institute confirms the Balearics foreign tourism leadership over the 'summer' months from May onwards. The Balearics normally rank second behind Catalonia, but this hasn't been the case this year. In September, Catalonia attracted 1,652,459 foreign tourists.

While the September number in the Balearics was up 62.5% compared with 2021, it was down from 2,006,683 in 2019. In Catalonia, there was a larger fall from 2,011,982. As to the two main foreign markets, Germany's share of the market in the Balearics in September was 31.6%, while the UK's was 26.9%. In 2019, these shares were, respectively, 32.2% and 30.2%.

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For the first nine months of 2022, the Balearics received 11,554,975 foreign tourists, above Catalonia with 11,542,334. In 2019, the totals for January to September were 12,148,049 (Balearics) and 15,624,257 (Catalonia).

For the whole of Spain, there were 7,882,159 foreign tourists in September, up 66.3% from last year but some way short of the 8,914,761 in 2019. The UK was the largest market with 1,800,500 tourists, a rise of 128% compared with 2021 but down from 2,102,175 in 2019. For the first nine months of the year, Spain's foreign tourist total was 55,916,891; in 2019, this was 67,097,568. The UK contribution for January to September 2022 was 11,997,714, ahead of France (7,923,253) and Germany (7,723,553).