Andreu Serra and Catalina Cladera at London's World Travel Market, where Mallorca received the Travel Bulletin's Star Family Holidays Destination award. | Juan Luis Ruiz Collado

The Council of Mallorca is asking the Mallorca Hoteliers Federation and the Association of Hotel Chains to not give credibility to "totally distorted information by sensationalist British tabloids, such as The Sun".

Andreu Serra, the councillor for tourism has once again refuted reports that have appeared in the British press, stressing that the Council's director of tourism did not "in any way allude to socioeconomic criteria to discriminate against types of traveller coming to Mallorca". "Nor did she state that the island's promotion policy rules out British tourists coming at any time of the year. On the contrary, the Council's policy is one of extending the season and the value-added tourism segment, that of sports tourism, congress tourism, accessible tourism, etc."

Serra adds: "It makes no sense for hoteliers to express discomfort over information that they know, and at first hand, to be distorted, because The Sun has reported information that is not correct and which was not given to the newspaper at the time of the interview by the director of tourism, Lucía Escribano."

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"The work that has been done over the past three years between the Council and the tourism sector is very clear and cannot be questioned, least of all through distorted publication by sensationalist British media."

The councillor goes on to highlight the "intense work carried out by the Council and its tourism foundation to restart the tourism industry after two years of hiatus due to the pandemic". This has been through a "package of measures and economic aid to companies and a plan to reformulate the tourism strategy - hand in hand with businesspeople and hoteliers".

"The Council attended the London tourism fair in order to work intensively on the consolidation of the British tourism market, attending to more than 60 media outlets who understood and valued what the Council is offering. There was a packed agenda of meetings with travel agencies and tour operators to publicise the island not only in summer but especially in winter and the mid-season, which is where we want to focus on seasonal adjustment and diversification. The Council's commitment is clear, very clear, and has nothing to do with distorted information, to which no value should be given."