The Corsica Ferries Toulon-Alcudia route has been a huge success. | Archive

Airline and ferry company forecasts suggest that French tourism in Mallorca is set to increase by around 40% this year.

In 2022, the Balearics as a whole attracted 882,000 French tourists. In Mallorca there were 527,000. If the forecasts prove to be accurate, the figure for Mallorca could rise to around 740,000.

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The basis for these forecasts include a 70% increase in the number of available seats offered by Air Nostrum on its Nice to Palma route. Other airlines - Air Europa, Volotea, Vueling - are increasing their frequencies from various French airports. To the flights have to be added the ferries, i.e. the Corsica Ferries Toulon-Alcudia route, which was launched in April 2018 and has experienced spectacular growth.

France is a tourism market which has shown high growth over recent years. In 2013, according to Balearic government statistics, the total number of French tourists in the Balearics was 454,000; 336,000 in Mallorca. Growth of the two main foreign markets - Germany and the UK - has been comparatively modest or unaltered over the past ten years. German tourism in Mallorca rose from 3.71 million in 2013 to 3.91 million in 2022. The UK supplied 2.11 million in 2013, the same as in 2022. French tourism, on the other hand, grew by more than 60% over the same period. Given this growth, forecasts for 2023, if they are fulfilled, would be remarkable.