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The British Ambassador is determined to reach a solution and soon.


British driving licence solution expected in a matter of weeks in Spain

"What we are asking for is for British residents to be able to exchange their driving licence for a Spanish one without having to take a new test."

Humphrey Carter14/10/2022 11:24

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Stuffed by the system and paperwork: the driving licence nightmare in perspective

"The deadline to register your intention to exchange driving licence is now about to expire and must be made online with one of the requirements being your residency ID so we were basically stuffed...."

Jason Moore29/09/2022 11:33

Brexit has complicated living and working in the Balearics for Britons.


Has the British expat community in the Balearics bottomed out?

Balearics is the fifth most popular destination with 17,953 British residents.

Humphrey Carter24/09/2022 09:40