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As part of their Houses and Homes Topic, the children in Year 1 looked at different houses from around the world, such as, a teepee, a yurt, an igloo, a house on stilts and mud hut. They explored the different climates in the different continents and discussed why each house was suited to a particular area.

In English they adapted the traditional story of the Three Little Pigs and matched it to their country/continent. For example they wrote a story about three cheeky monkeys that lived in a rain forest in Malaysia who built a house on stilts to keep out the angry stripy tiger.

Traditional Tales provide a wonderful foundation for our young students to build on with their imagination and knowledge of the world.

Stop Motion Movies in Year 1

Having students from such diverse backgrounds and varied life experiences added to the plot twists!

Once the children had decided on their story plans they made their animals out of playdough and created their settings. Using these they worked together to create movies using the Stop Motion Program on the iPads.

It was great to see the final results and for the students to have created their very own films. We are lucky that the Year 1 class has its own outdoor area so it’s great for big and messy projects!