Year 2's favourite books | Queen's College

On Monday 24th April the pupils at Queen's College dedicated the whole school day to books in celebration of the UNESCO World Book Day and San Jordi.

Guille - loving non-fiction
Zoe - illustrating her favourite book

The primary children came to school dressed as characters from books and brought with them an example of one of their favourite books to read and talk about.

Fairy tales and legends - Nicole and Anna Sophia
Laura, June, Fran, Ana, Alicia and Veva - but "Where's Wally?"

Throughout the morning the Y7 - 9 pupils read stories with the children from the Nursery, Reception and Years 1 - 3 classes. They then helped them with some story related activities. The older pupils and the younger children loved working with their "book buddies".

Spooky tales! Elena and Max

The children in Years 4 - 6 brought picnic baskets, a tasty snack, picnic rugs and a great book to read in the tranquility of Bellver forest; they loved their "BOOK-NIC" beneath the leafy shade of the woodland trees.

Off we go! On our way to our World Book Day book-nic
Year 6 boys - the world of books!
Bella, Sara, Eugenia, Natalia, Aless and Valentina - chilling with a book
Dani, Jaime and Juan ... and yes, Wally came too!

It is always so lovely to take an opportunity to cast aside the school uniform for a day to dress up; since January we have had carnival, we dressed up as tourists and characters from books. With performances for the end of the summer term there will be more opportunities to showcase creative costumes and make memories with a photo session!

Maria reading with the Nursery children
Nursery on a Spring Scavenger Hunt
"Should we look under this stone?"

In the first week back after the Easter break the Nursery children set off into the woods on their Spring Scavenger Hunt. The children took ipads so that they could take photographs of signs of spring - and they found plenty!