In the Senior School there were musical and drama performances. | Academy International School

The school celebrated Performing Arts Week with diverse activities, showcasing talents from mime to magic, dance to drama. Harvest Fair's success included generous donations for charity, emphasizing community support.

Performing Arts Week

Before our half term break the whole school enjoyed a great variety of activities exploring the world of performing arts.

From mime to magic, dance to drama, the last week before the holidays gave so many wonderful opportunities for all the students to shine.

In Junior School the children performed poetry, combined maths with breakdancing, danced Boleros and Sevillanas, enjoyed an ‘Open Mic’ day when they came forward to sing for their peers, and did many dance and drama games.

The teachers and students saw the positivity that performing arts brings. In the Senior School there were musical and drama performances, the IGCSE groups performed for other year groups and the staff treated the students to a fun staff performance. In lessons there were brain breaks and movement breaks revolving around the arts.

Performing Arts Week came to a grand finale with the performances by Nursery to Year 7 on Friday afternoon in the backfield. Lovely harvest songs, our talented choir and a Y3 to Y7 line dance to get the Harvest Fair off to a perfect start.

Harvest Fair

A huge thank you to the fantastic PTA for all their hard work and motivation to make this year’s Harvest Fair bigger and better than ever. We are so grateful for the generosity of all the parents and had such a large amount of donations of food and hygiene products to donate to SOS Mamas who work with families on the island.

Such whole school events would not be possible without the support of The Academy School community. It was so wonderful to see all the home baking, harvest produce, Autumn treats! The PTA will be making a generous donation towards the relief needed in Morocco and Libya on behalf of all our families.