Bars of soap have been replaced with liquid soap.

Words and more...

Lower deck Royal Navy sailors used to call bread and cheese ‘soap and flannel’ but for railwaymen a bread and cheese meal was ‘soap and towel’.

Fresh figs.

The return of the fig

Higos frescos”, as they are known in Spain, are one of the oldest known fruits known to man.

Majorca is the largest of Spain’s Balearic Islands and one of the most beautiful. It is packed with history and a brand of Spanish culture you won’t find anywhere else.

Must see Majorca Holiday Destinations

Majorca is the largest of Spain’s Balearic Islands and one of the most beautiful. It is packed with history and a brand of Spanish culture you won’t find anywhere else.

Musical concerts during the fiestas.

This weekend's fiestas and events

Tonight don't miss Love the 90's music festival at Son Fusteret in Palma. In the north of the island this evening is the Pollensa Music Festival with the Camerata de la Royal Concertgebouw.

Pot roast or braise quail ina little stock as it keeps the meat nice and moist.

Hail the quail...

Originally native to the Middle East, quails are now found across Europe. As it’s a small bird, one will serve one person as a starter, but you’ll need at least two as a main course.

British military called in to stop dam collapse.

My Column

Anna talks about tourists, the environment and getting back to life here on the island.


The Village People at Port Adriano this Saturday.

What's On for the Week

Village People at Port Adriano, Piano week, Moors and Christians in Pollensa, Demons in Can Picafort and Inca.

There are endless possibilities and you can pack them full of your favourite fruits, or make them creamier with the addition of coconut milk or low fat yoghurt.

The big chill

Preparing these ice creams is the easiest thing in the world and all you’ll need is some Popsicle moulds, a few sticks, and a blender.

A century plant.

Gardening in Majorca

Century plants need a lot of space and are evident at the moment expecially along motorways, so probably one cacti to leave in the wild.

Words associated with the weather.

Did you know?

Words and more... this week we focus on weather and football.

Coca de Patata from Valldemossa.

The basic sponge was so versatile

In Spanish cooking alone, this original sponge, called ‘bizcocho’, eventually led to many variations on the theme all over the country.


The procession of La Beata in Valldemossa.

Two days in July

The triumphal carriage and the Triennial. The dates don’t seem to make a lot of sense, but for very specific Majorcan reasons they make complete sense.

Watering the garden.

Gardening in Majorca

Trees and shrubs are far less demanding on water, once established their root systems will have grown down in search of water to the point where the soil does not bake dry from the heat of the sun every day.


The Sant Crist Triennial in Alcudia.

What's On Tips

Sant Crist Triennial; fiesta fireworks and demons; La Beata; Cossier folk dancers; Mary Lee's Corvette; jazz dates.

Tomatoes in the summer.

Summer time

The Spanish love tomatoes so much they celebrate them with the traditional Tomatina Fiesta.


Inca's market.

My kind of market

Yet, since living here in Majorca I have somewhat changed my outlook a tad, and realized that markets can be a lot of fun, especially if you know how to work them!







My Column

Iman Barlow and her boxer boyfriend bravely thwarted a robbery here in Majorca.