On a beautiful November morning we chose to have a wander around some of the old parts of the city of Palma.

09-11-2020Youtube: Steve

Today we took a tour through Palma. We walk past Palma's cathedral and through some of the narrow streets back to the Parc de Mar.

The Cathedral was built by the Crown of Aragón on the site of a Moorish-era mosque, the cathedral is 121 metres long, 40 metres wide and its nave is 44 metres tall. By way of comparison, the height of the central nave reaches 33m in Notre Dame de Paris, 38m in Reims, 42m in Notre-Dame d’Amiens and 48m in Saint-Pierre de Beauvais, the highest of all Gothic cathedrals.

The Parc de la Mar was built in the 1970s, after the construction of the highway and the promenade there was a large empty space between the new road and the old sea line.

In the park there is a large salt water lake (dug on the surface reclaimed from the sea, when a tunnel was built between the city's train station and the port, between 1928 and 1930, and whose port facilities were closed in 1965), that bathes a part of the wall, with a fountain in the middle. This lake symbolises the sea that formerly touched the wall. Around the lake there is a large esplanade paved with trees and at the eastern end of the park is the greenest part, with grass, trees and a children's play area.


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