New fruit and veg shop

New fruit and veg shop.

18-11-2020Shirley Roberts

As the doors close on some businesses in the Soller Valley the door opens for others. Take a stroll down the Lluna, the main shopping street of Soller and its all there to see. At least ten shop fronts waiting to be filled. Of course we don’t know what is going on behind closed doors and therein lies the rub. If you wander the streets of Santa Catalina in Palma just now you will notice that ‘Neon’ has taken over. Shops close, to be almost immediately opened as a Barbers or Nail Bar with very bright signage. So far that has not happened in Soller but there are purists waiting with the design police, ready to pounce, if it is out of character. A new fruit and veg shop opened a few weeks ago just off Soller Square. The colourful signage wrapped around the top of the building with every colour of vegetables known to man. The powers that be had that lot down within 48 hours.

I wandered down the Lluna this week checking out the empty shops and the occasional new arrival and wandered into the Alameda world. This is to be found on one of the lanes which run off on the right, of our main street. Carrer Sant Joan is the name and half way up on the left is the brand new Alameda.

This is a creative lifestyle shop which brings art, design, sustainability and community together. Focused on independent brands from Majorca and Spain, as well as many women-owned businesses and eco-friendly design, you will find a selection of home décor, books, stationery, weavings, art prints, jewellry, chocolate, coffee and a small range of custom clothing for kids and adults. The perfect shop for a gift and to find something special, Alameda also sells professional art supplies including paint, watercolors, and pastels, and will soon add in yarn and weaving kits.

Next year Alameda will begin offering artistic workshops for adults including weaving, knitting and pattern making. The crafters of Soller will be delighted, they have already have had ‘sign up’ enquiries.

Alameda was founded by Talia Machtus and Blaire Dessent, with the idea of creating a shop where people can discover new things, find that perfect gift, and feel creative and inspired. Talia Machtus, who lived in Mexico City before moving to Soller in 2008, is an artist and chef with a background in set design. Blaire Dessent worked in the art and design world in Paris and New York, and is a design journalist for various publications. Both women have a deep love of the island, and particularly Sóller, and have tried to select pieces that will excite and delight.

Talia and Blaire are settled in Soller with children at local schools and a life amongst all the people who will be customers of this very special concept store. Christmas, just around the corner is being planned right now and has got their creativity working to the maximum.
Talia and Blaire invite you to get your creative juices flowing, support local makers or just stop in for a tea and a chat. They know you are going to just love what they do now and their ambitions for the future. (e-shop opening December 1st) Instagram: @thealamedashop and Facebook: thealamedashop

Lemon Pie tea room

Meanwhile down in Puerto Soller a shuttered space is about to emerge as the Lemon Pie Tea Room. Lemon Pie dining has been a feature of Soller Valley life for a few years now. Small scale outside catering has earned the lovely Rachel and Sally a great reputation. Lemon Meringue using Soller lemons is their signature dish. Dinner parties and villa holiday catering is where they have earned their special place here. This week the keys were handed over and the refurbishment begins of their own Tea Room in Puerto Soller. This is a highly anticipated opening and some real UK favourites will be on the menu. Have you tasted Rachel’s sausage rolls? The new kitchens in the Lemon Pie Tearooms will generate the home cooking smells of cakes, buns and treats. Come April this will be the only place for afternoon tea served in bone china cups. The champagne is also on ice for the Hen Party afternoon tea delights already planned for next season.

Alameda and Lemon Pie are the only newbies I have space for on this page today but there is more to come. Avoiding the Neon is important and welcoming the real contributers to our world will be a great privilege and pleasure. Humans of Majorca are busy, forward thinking and creative and we welcome them here. Look out for more tales of the new ‘Humans’ on our block – coming soon.


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