Queen's college students

Queen's college students.

23-11-2020Queen's College

Every Friday the Reception children at Queen's College go out into the Bellver Woods on a "forest adventure".

The children love to go exploring and the recent blue skies and sunny days have offered the perfect opportunity to do this!

Armed with crayons, pencils and chalks the children made rubbings of three bark, three stumps, rocks, leaves and the ground itself.

Out in the fresh air the children discussed the pattents and markings they had made using interesting vocabulary.

This was followed up back in the classroom where they copied patterns, painted them, created collages and talked about their woodland walk.

Queen's College forest adventure

The Nursery children have been working on the history of "The Three Little Pigs".

The have been experimenting with huffing and puffing and blowing down houses made of straw, sticks and bricks - Lego bricks!

The children loved retelling the history with the help of a sequence and a song!


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