Queen's College school

Queen's College school.

02-02-2021Queen's College

The Reception children at Queen’s College are investigating “JOURNEYS” as part of this term’s learning. They started their “learning journey” with the wonderful story “WE’RE GOING ON A BEAR HUNT” by Michael Rosen. The children adore this book, especially when they can include the actions into their role play. They have also been reading “Lost and Found” by Oliver Jeffers; in this story a boy goes on a journey with his friend, a penguin.
The children have been working on “sequencing” by looking at the events in the stories; this is one of the many skills that contributes to a child’s understanding of how a story is created - a beginning, a middle and an end; this understanding is an excellent foundation for future reading and writing.

Queen's College school learning

The Reception children have been talking about journeys they have been on recently and made maps of them telling each other if their journey was on foot, by car, plane, on a bicycle or by boat. They have been playing with different forms of transport - train sets, garages and car parks. They have made boats and tested their ability to float as well as investigated 2D shapes within their models.
We are keeping our fingers tightly crossed that very soon their dream journeys will be a reality!


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