View of Puerto Pollensa.

View of Puerto Pollensa.

11-08-2021Vicki McLeod

The theme of conversation has got around to “holidays” in my little family. Every year I swear I will not work in August, and every year I work in August. Why do I do this to myself? It is hot and the grumpiest month of the year. Mallorca is full: full of visitors, cars, noise, and stress.

This leads to normally pleasant people losing their rag just the teeniest bit: the nice lady who serves me in the bakery is grumpy, the smiley guy at the petrol station is grumpy, for crying out loud, I AM GRUMPY TOO! I know it’s the pay off for living on this island and we should be very happy to see so many people back here spending money and having a great time, but boy it’s kind of tiring as well.

Even our fellow pets need to stay cool by taking a nap!

Deep breath people, we can get through it and soon the cooler and less frantic months of Autumn will be upon us. In the meantime, I gaze at happy holiday makers with a tinge of jealousy, mixed with regret that yet again I am not on a break… But one can dream, and so I asked in the Mallorca Mallorca Facebook group and in a couple of others (“I Love Pollensa” in particular were very helpful with this week’s recommendations) and here are everyone’s suggestions for nice things to do, see, and eat in and around Pollensa. Thanks as ever to my FB friends for sharing their knowledge and tips with me.

Pollensa bound?

Recent recommendations from residents and visitors

Karin Gray: Bellaverde restaurant. Lovely food and setting. Albufera wetlands for a walk and bird watching.

Philippa Wood-May: Yes definitely Bellaverde! Amazing vegan food sitting under fig trees in the garden

Elsa Salord: Lovely place, excellent food and service. Live music some nights.

Diane Hughes: An agent told me many years ago that the prettiest view on the island was St Vincente which is up there somewhere. May be worth a trot

Chris Sal: Take a wonderful 30 min walk down to Cala Boquer! If you go by car direction

Cap Formentor but still in Puerto Pollensa on the left side you see a little parking place in the fields. From there you follow the path.

Kate Miller: Boat trip around the bay with North Mallorca Charters, Bellaverde for Vegan/Veggie food. The Hideaway Restaurant for a family run treasure with pool access. Finca49 - great food. Swim/Snorkel at Cala St Vincente or Formentor beach.

Isobel Maria Allan: Restaurant Stay, Club Náutico, Brisas, Can Joseph, La Llonja Puerto Pollensa. Vitho Cafe for pizza. Cap de Formentor, Formentor beach, playas de Muro and Cala San Vicente for swimming. That’s only the beginning. All beautiful.

Brad Robertson: Talk to Miquel Angel Bonnin from Tramuntana Dive! Local knowledge from a legendary local is priceless!!

Kim Shiny van Adrichem: Calvari 365 steps with awesome panoramic end. Puig Maria Monastery. Sunday Artisan Market. Cap de Formentor. Platja Formentor 7h sunrise bath. Paddle Surf Puerto Pollensa. Take a massage at Massage Boutique La Coquette Zen & Fashion. Lots to do!

Angie Guerrero: Sunday morning market in Town. Walk along the pine walk near the port and stop for a cold drink very close to the beach. I love Pollensa!

Lara Corfield: Definitely check out this restaurant: Also, for me, you can’t beat heading to Cap to Formentor to get some fantastic views. Though be sure to stop along the way if you can (possibly tricky with the traffic restrictions though). In Pollensa, take the steps up to El Calvari as you are treated to far reaching views at the top.

Janice Van Brabant: Hotel Illa d’Or is lovely and on the beach. Has a lovely terrace to eat.

Yvonne Cotton: Formentor beach is beautiful . The Restaurant Stay in the Puerto Pollensa does a set menu with wine, water and 3 courses and choice of three very superior dishes on each course . Views of boats in their terrace and indoors too.

Darryl Lopez: Restaurant Can Josep Ca Vostra is very nice.

Tracy Dickie: A visit to the Puig Maria is a nice walk with great views, then into Pollensa old town, which has lots of nice bars and restaurants in the main square. There are more bars to visit at the bottom of the Calvari Steps, great after the walk up the 365 Calvari steps to the pretty Chapel then to the gorgeous view point just around the corner from the Chapel for stunning views of the Bay of Pollensa.

The Calvari steps.

There are some nice shops on the walk down from the Calvari steps. An abundance of bars and restaurants to choose from to suit all tastes in the lovely Old streets just off the main Square. In Puerto Pollensa there this a lovely long sandy beach to sunbathe and swim. The Illa D’Or Hotel (where Agatha Christie stayed in 1932) is a great place for drinks and food right on the water’s edge.

Ellen Refvem Aase: Pollensa and Puerto Pollensa are beautiful. Eat at Restaurante Can Olesa in the old town. Walk the steps to the little chapel. Go along the Pine Walk along the beach to the most lovely hotel, Hotel llador. We came home this week and we only want to go back!

Christine Maynard: Climb the Calvari steps and watch the sunrise. Can Josep Ca Vostra for good food and excellent views across the bay.

Clare Taylor: So agree with Kate. North Mallorca charters. Also take the Ferry over to Formentor (with picnic) you can collect food from Al Fresco. Restaurants I love are Casa Vila di Mare, and Finca 49 and The Hideaway offer pool and great food. Pollensa town is a must too. Cocktails at Jimmy’s.

Also Palms Bar have live acts and music on most evenings, and great wine!!!

Lucy Ireland: Abacco and Velomar restaurants are two of our favorites. Galleon suites are a very reasonable place to stay. Illa d’Or is gorgeous if you have a higher budget. Swing restaurant also lovely… honestly too many to mention

Sarajane Giles: Pine walk. More restaurants than you can eat in that are all superb. Traditional and perfect go for Coral behind the beach by Bahia on Pine Walk. Classy and a bit more money Stay on the Marina.Cheap and cheerful drinks with a unique atmosphere Bar Bonys on the square. Anywhere in Puerto Pollensa is perfect.

Debbie Newing: Another vote for North Mallorca charters who will take you to some beautiful bays including Formentor. Restaurants Casa Vila di Mare, Stay, La Llonja, Centric in the Port. Cantonet, Il Giardino, Onze in Pollensa. Cocktails in Jimmy’s (Pollensa).

Rachel Shuckburgh: Go for a morning coffee or sundowners at the Hotel Llenaire.

Gary P : Centric is an excellent restaurant

David Haines: My family and I ate out at Sama again this evening and it was fabulous. We can definitely recommend this relatively new restaurant.

Beat the heat: top tips for staying cool in August

Siestaaaah! Take a nap in the hottest part of the day, close your shutters and make your bedroom as dark as possible, set an alarm, and lie down. If you are feeling very hot then take a cool shower and don’t towel yourself off, just go lie down in the dark and rest.

Hydrate regularly. Water is low-cost, abundant and accessible. Water makes up about 60 percent of our body weight and is vital for almost every function in the body. Proper hydration can reduce fatigue and improve endurance. Top tip: do not hydrate with wine, it will only make you feel better and then dramatically worse.

Eat lighter. Eating salads, full of high-water-content fruits and vegetables, won’t tax and overheat your digestive system. Ask for Ensalada Mixta, or a “Trampo” for a local veggie dish.

Switch off the oven. Bake less and microwave and barbecue more. Just get out of the kitchen entirely...

Change light bulbs. Long-lasting LED bulbs produce about 70 percent less heat than standard incandescent light bulbs.

Unplug your computer. By unplugging your computer when you’re not using it, your electronic device won’t generate heat, and you’ll reduce your energy bill. Unplug appliances as well. Connect several to a single power strip to make turning them on and off a breeze.

Make a cold compress. Fill a cotton sock with rice, tie the sock with twine, and freeze it for two hours before bedtime. Then slide it between the sheets. The dense and starchy rice retains cold for a long period to help you sleep better.

Cooling eating something cold.

Spice it up. The people of Mexico and India, two nations known for their sweltering climates, know that eating hot stuff can help them stay cool. For example, chili peppers contain capsaicin, a chemical compound that can make you perspire, which is the body’s natural air-conditioning system.

Block the sun with curtains and shades. As much as 20 percent of summer heat enters your home as sunlight pouring through windows.

Create a frozen fan. It may be old tech but it works. Turn on and aim a simple house fan at a big bowl filled with ice. The cool air will circulate, lowering the room temperature to help keep you cool.

Get misty. To a cup of brewed and chilled green tea, add 2 tablespoons of strained cucumber juice, 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel and a drop of your favorite essential oil, like rose water or peppermint. Pour into a spray bottle, shake and store in the refrigerator. When you’re running hot, give yourself a cool, refreshing spritz.


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