Dear Sir,
It is indisputable that most of the wealth on this island comes from tourism. Let the politicians ask, without it, how viable is their position?
Yes, water is short, yes the roads are busy - but how can they throw their hands up as if surprised? Don't blame the tourist for bad planning. With correct spending to prevent leakage, more desalination and a proper campaign aimed at visitors, the summer peaks for water use could still be met. How many of the politicians regularly use public transport? No, they use the car while telling us to do otherwise. Believe me, no tourist enjoys spending on a hire car but until the train system is expanded and the bus service improved, some activities can only be achieved through the car.

Now, it seems, the tourist is to be punished by paying an extra tax for coming here.
I love this island. I bought a small apartment here 12 years ago and our wider family use it regularly, bringing more spending. The likes of easyJet mean we can afford to come here frequently. However, if four of us are to pay an extra 12'000 pesetas for a weekend visit, believe me that would buy good bed and breakfast for two nights in France.

It is known to psychology; no supermarket piles expensive and profitable goods at its entrance. No! Put the special offers and the welcome signs at the front, get us in and we'll spend, spend, spend! Steve Riches, Son Caliu.


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