DEAR Sir, We arrived at Majorca Airport on Sunday April 16, to be met by the most disgusting sight of rubbish on the ground, the toilets were filthy and smelly and there were not any trolleys for the travellers who were lucky enough to get their baggage. Ours and many others were somehow mislaid, possibly left on the tarmac in the rain.

After spending a few hours trying to locate our baggage we queued at the lost baggage office for over an hour to give a description of our cases. After many phone calls that evening and the next day with no success, we were informed at 5pm that the baggage was still in Manchester from where we had travelled via Heathrow London. We then rang British Midland in Manchester with whom we had travelled and they eventually got through to Palma Airport and rang us back to inform us the baggage had been at Palma Airport all the time and they would deliver it to the hotel that night, it eventually arrived about 9pm, the labels were soaking wet and the cases damp. I must congratulate the Uto Palace Hotel and British Midland who were most helpful.

When we checked in on our homeward journey on May 1, the young lady on the Iberia desk was quite rude. As we had assistance, both of us being elderly and not in good health, she asked what we did on holiday if we needed assistance. I informed her we walked short distances but the walk to the departure lounge was rather too long for us, she upset us very much. I hope she lives to a good age. Once the wheelchairs arrived the gentlemen pushing them were very kind and most helpful, as they were on our arrival at Palma Airport.

We are sure that Majorca relies a lot on tourism and feel that if these strikes continue tourism will decline which would be a great shame. We would certainly think twice before holidaying there again unless things improved.

Ruth and Ben Coleman, Liverpool, England.


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