DEAR Sir, I write regarding the editor's Viewpoint on Saturday May 13 over the present Balearic government's first anniversary in power.

1. Personally, Mr Moore, you are being courteous and over-generous in your remarks. The Balearic government has received the money from central government to put the desalination plant at full strength.

Why is there a delay? When reservoirs are so low and losses to agriculture at some 3'000 million pesetas, no wonder farmers are concerned. But now at least the Balearic government has “recognised” at last the crisis and is asking for “disaster zone” funds, an issue which new central government environment minister Jaume Matas will be tackling.

2. Question: why has the Balearic government taken a vow of silence over the “tourist tax” which understandably has angered hoteliers, who are expected to take the blunt end of the exercise next year? Top this with Maria Antonia Munar unhappy with her four other partners in a five-party government and that she might even shift her voting, to whom, may I ask? The Partido Popular? A bit late I would say, but then maybe not in politics. 2003 is not far away. What a mess!

3. If, Mr Moore, you're receiving complaints about the Palma/Andraitx, the Socialist municipality doesn't want to extend the motorway as it might upset too many people in its path.

Plus, when do you start to double lane that busy road because in its present state it would bring traffic chaos. The actual road-works would bring havoc. Do you start in summer or winter? What more madness can be expected through the next few years?

Sincerely, Marie Robinson, Calvia


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