Under the title Next Election the Institute of Foreign Property Owners carries an interesting editorial in its latest edition:

Many foreigners have the feeling that the government is making promises to us on certain occassions, and soon forgetting about them. We remember the interest aroused by the Europeans participation in local elections June 1999, and the promises given by the politicians at the time, to inform and integrate the European citizens. We also see how the decisions to exempt those with incomes of less than 3.5 million pesetas from the obligation to present an income tax declaration has been watered out by the administration.

The responsibility for this situation certainly also rest with us foreigners, being to complacent and inactive, forgetting that the memory of the politicians need to be refreshed and jogged all the time. After the national election, the next elections to come to the agenda are the local ones in 2003. We must not forget that the preparation for those elections soon will start. We must make sure that all Europeans are told the necessity of preparations for the vote, that the foreigners organisations continue to put pressure on the governments on all levels, local, regional and national, to comply with their obligations to inform and integrate foreigners.

We shall not permit that the issue of building the European citizenship in Spain be forgotten until 2003.


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