DEAR Sir, Your guest columnist, Bulletin May 14, finally broke the camel's back.
Of all people your columnist was George Giri from Mancor del Valle. I meant to write to you amending his previous incorrect statement that his village had taken the old coal mines with independence, as in fact Selva retained them; but we won't bicker.

Now maybe he will be the first to tell me why so many sad people are living here on Majorca when all they can do is moan.
His poorly constructed, rambling article reminded me of the previous Robinson-Phillips exchanges, which were actually open private carping, printed in your paper as “Letters to the Editor.” This morning my bantams hatched three fluffy chicks and a duckling.
Every morning I watch the most glorious sunrises in the Bay of Alcudia, from my Selva bedroom window, and whilst drinking my morning tea I check on the new plant growth brought about by the previous day's washing up water.

I shower under the outside, galvanised shower unit to save water and energy.
All my kennelled dogs wag their tails to greet me starting the day's work and, after feed and exercise watch me wash up in the orange tree orchard.
Another long day's work begins, but in such idyllic surroundings.
The bank business is relieved by the staff wishing me health and a good day whilst the co-operativa family have their opinion about the lack of rain, but continue by asking after the health of my animals and myself.

The supermarket girl's smile would have been sufficient but she insists on giving me a free bottle of wine as well.
If I don't want to travel north or south by the killer main roads I can choose to go by the lovely back valley roads, admiring the wild flowers, crops and animals on the way.

The Spanish are not the best of drivers but they are now responding to my insistence that they acknowledge my courtesy.
The cyclists are a funny lot, but their indignant reaction to my laughing at their antics, especially their well exhibited equipment when they insist on urinating in full view, more than makes up for not being allowed to run them down.

At the end of the day my animals say thank you and go to sleep, allowing me time for a laugh at myself and local daily happenings with the Mallorquins in my nearest bar.

Finally, instead of depressing myself and all about me, by discussing roadworks in Calvia, water systems that don't work, noisy bars closed due to noise restrictions and politicians on the fiddle, etc., I wander around my finca, with a glass of that wine, given with a smile, saying goodnight to this lovely place.

Today's problems were mostly solved, for sure there will be more mañana.
We English are especially good at moaning, but I assure you there are many lovely things happening on this island.
Let's have a happy page in the Bulletin for a change.
Yours very sincerely, David Coleman


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