Dear Sir, May I take this opportunity to comment on T.R.H. Lyons' letter (25/05/00) regarding using cheap immigrant labour to sort out the rubbish for us at the tips.

Indeed, we do live complicated lives, and would it not be wonderful for those people to do this work. As he or she says, poor people on the outskirts of Cairo are only too happy to do this work without pay and infers they can make a living on what they can sell.

We could encourage whole families of immigrants to do this work. Wouldn't it be satisfying for the rest of us to view this sight. Grandparents, Mums and Dads, children all being brought together. Singing happily as they greatfully sift through our rubbish. Looking forward to a nice hot shower at the end of the working day (although I don't suppose it really needs to be hot).

Unfortunately some people may have no choice but to clean up rubbish, but I don't think they should have to take it.Does T.R.N. Lyons think that immigrant labour is by definition “cheap” and only good for menial work? Sounds a bit racist to me. There is truly an opportunity on these islands to overcome racial barriers, but sadly not too many people seem to try...Or am I wrong? I hope so.

Gordon Thomson
Santa Ponsa


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