Dear Sir,
I would dearly love to know what the British nation has done to your Mr. Fleming. Why doesn't he 'stick' to getting the weather right instead of writing spiteful remarks about the Brits and their Monarchy, which chooses to reward outstanding achievements the only way it can.

For your education, Mr. Fleming, Britain is not made up of 'football touts', our soldiers are constantly sent to all directions to try to keep the peace.

Surely, you must enjoy the odd film or listen to music. Try to be less obvious, instead of joining the few that love to slay the Brits, it is very cheap journalism.

We may not have an empire now, but we did, and at least we have our self respect for it.
As for Anthony Hopkins, he has left his wife and family for the umpteenth time, to further his bank balance making violent films.

Mrs Jill Carter


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