Re: letter printed May
24 th from David Coleman

Dear Sir, I thought twice about your letter before replying, but your second 27th (May) letter continuing the theme prompted a reply. So glad you are receiving the benefits and joy of living here. But a sad person I definately am not. Poorly constructed bickering open letters to the Bulletin I do not write, only objective letters in reply to “Heckling letters” from people who hold a different opinion to my own.

This certainly is a wonderful island and it is improving its amenities, or at least trying to, year after year. Depending on the opinions of those who run the islands, politics playing an enormous part in this. With 52 municipalities ruled by different parties, and the larger ones in opposition. The ruling bodies of municipalities is the Counil of Majorca dominated by nationalists, and the Balearic govt. in the hands of a five party coalition, agreeing to disagree.

The realistic news about this island's infrastructure is what I write about, depressing for some it may be, certainly when it affects them. Like some people in Paguera last week when their water was turned off.

But, never mind, sir, you and many others here in flats/houses/fincas, with a glass of wine in hand, “you're happy”, good for you.
All I wish to state here, is, there are those who never get involved in anything, for various reasons, tending to consider themselves as a guest in the country, don't register in their municipality, don't pay attention to local problems, keep themselves to themselves.

Then there are those who try to involve themselves, to voice an opinion when asked. To listen to points of view, to offer ideas, suggestions and to offer help in this fairly new democratic society. This obviously draws much response. Never mind we're all entitled to an opinion, fortunately. Have a comfortable summer you and the animals.

Marie Robinson


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