Dear Sir, progress has certainly been made in matching the needs of the tourist with the local residents when it comes to noise issues. So why is it that noise limiters have to be fitted to music establishments PA equipment, yet small motorbikes and mopeds with hairdryer” engines are still allowed to roam the streets with exhaust baffles removed at any time of the day or night? I feel sure this is illegal, but no action to clamp down on this issue appears to have been implemented in the last 20 years. Random police checks with decibel monitors should be implemented with heavy fines and confiscation for offenders causing this deliberate noise pollution.

The other source of major noise pollution occurs at about 4-5 am each morning by a small percentage of my compatriots. Having stayed previously in Peguera and other mainly German resorts, my experience is that this is mainly a British problem for which I feel ashamed. I feel that the police and hotel reception staff are too lenient on this section of society who seem determined to ensure that a full night's sleep of more mature guests is only possible upon return to the UK.

Every night, apart from the noise generated outside the hotel, where a group of young males were staying in the same room, it seemed inevitable that their nocturnal activities would split the group, leaving at least one without a room key. Upon their return and keyless, they would attempt to awaken the comatosed occupant(s) with a gentle knock at first. This would increase in volume commensurate with the time spent locked out of the room. This would reach a crescendo after only a minute or so with a forceful banging of the door - testing the locking mechanism well beyond its design limits and a screaming voice which almost exceeded the humam hearing limit. Scientists have been searching for the missing link between Neanderthal man and Homo sapiens for many years now. They need look no further! Our apartments contained the living proof they have been searching for all this time.


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