DEAR Sir, Regarding the letter complaining of noise here and there on the island, I believe I may have a cure of sorts. If you live in Palma or in Calvia, Artà or Peguera (wherever), just spend a few hours in Soller on any Saturday. When you return to your town or to the city, it will surely seem surprisingly quiet. While this once tranquil town has for years held the World Championship for auditory assaults by ever-present screaming motos, we now also enjoy generator-fed, electrically super-amplified, largely taped, indigenous South American music pumped into our faces on the town square every market day - every Saturday - hours of it - the same basic three tunes and one rhythm. Truly, one sometimes longs for a really loud bike motor to break the shrieking tedium of it. So, take the Soller cure. Visit us any Saturday. Feel good again about your own neighbourhood! Robert Kennedy, Soller


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