Dear Sir, I was heartened to read Anne Kay's article on June 6th regarding the problems disabled people have at Palma airport and to find that I was not alone in having problems with wheelchairs at the airport.

Twice in the last 13 months, my elderly mother, who cannot walk any distance, has travelled alone from Glasgow to visit us in Majorca. Each time she has had many wheelchair problems at Palma airport. Having been taken off the plane in a wheelchair she has then been turfed out of it once she enters the airport buildings and is left to her own devices to find her way and collect her luggage. She has arrived absolutely exhausted and distressed.

The first time she got completely lost and we had to send out a search party for her.

Yesterday on her departure from Palma there was once again no wheelchairs available on arrival at the airport. If she had been alone there is absolutely no way she could have stood in a long queue to check in or have walked to the check in desk from where she was dropped off.

There must be many disabled and elderly people who travel to Majorca on there own. Can the Bulletin start some sort of campaign or use your influence in some way to improve the conditions at the airport for these people?

Yours sincerely, Hilary Markson.


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