Dear Sir, earlier this year my wife and I spent our annual 2 weeks holiday in Puerto Pollensa as we have done now for 15 years, and have already booked for 2001.

You'll gather from this that we both love the place, but there are a couple of things that are guaranteed to annoy me when I am there - chiefly because nobody in authority seems to care enough to do anything about them, so maybe if I publicise them here it may spur someone into action.

Firstly for those who don't know it, Puerto Pollensa has a traffic free promenade (called the Pine Walk) round almost half the bay, at every entrance to which there are large signs advising that bicycles and motor traffic are prohibited, but whenever I go there I find myself having to dodge people on cycles, mopeds and scooters riding along it often at ridiculous speeds, but nobody seems to want to take any action to put a stop to the practice. There's the same problem on the remainder of the seafront promenade, though admittedly there aren't actually any prohibition signs there - is riding motor scooters on the footpath legal in Spain? Secondly, I don't know whether Puerto Pollensa has (or aspires to have) Blue Flag status for its beach, but it certainly does not deserve it whilst ever it turns a blind eye to dog owners walking their animals there and permitting them to use it as a toilet area. I don't spend a lot of time on the beach myself, but parents will not be inclined to return if their children are being expected to play on a beach contaminated with dog mess. There is also a dog problem on the pavement in some parts of the town, but it is less noticeable through the efforts of shop and bar owners who clear the areas in front of their premises.

Yours sincerely
John. R. Wainwright
Newrick, Dewsbury Road, Tingley, Wakefield, West Yorkshire
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