Dear Sir, after having read most of what has been said about the tourist tax except from during my absence this summer I cannot say I have seen anything about the effects this would have on all the long-time visitors during winter time.

Has anyone given this any consideration at all during the debates?
As a Scandinavian, I know many of the people from ”up north” who are staying here for the winter, year after year, most of them from 3 to 6 months every year.

Most of them are ”ordinary” people, they are already paying dearly for being able to spend the winter here.
With a ”normal” pension, many of them already have problems with paying for their stay here.
What will happen with a daily payment (i.e. the Tourist Tax) in addition?? This group of people amount to hundreds and hundreds; I guess the authorities of Calvia have the figures of their visitors, as most of these people are staying in Calvia (Palma Nova, Magaluf, Santa Ponsa), some few in Alcudia. I don't know whether the authorities have taken this issue into consideration, but they should! In my opinion, very many of them will be unable to come here after the tax has been introduced, and rather have their winter stay , which they claim has added years to their lives, somewhere else. There are limits to how much people can pay! Any solution to this issue in sight???

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