Dear Sir, I travelled to Majorca on October 12th booked by Courtesy Travel who arranged wheel-chair assistance at both Birmingham and Palma airports. I only received help at Birmingham.

I arrived at Palma on time and was taken to the carousel area and left. My case went missing for over two hours. I eventually traced it to lost property. The transfer coach to the Hotel Mimosa Park in Palma Nova went without me, my name must have been on their transfer list, but no enquiry as to my whereabouts by the Airtours rep was made.

Eventually I was taken to the hotel at 3pm, my flight landed at 11am.
I reported the incident to an Airtours rep who said she would enquire as to what had happened. I received no explanation so I asked the rep on October 20th at the end of my holiday who told me they were not allowed in the carousel area as their passports are confiscated. I am quite badly disabled and find this lack of concern for passengers disgusting. I was quite alone and completely dependent on help. I was very distressed which was a very bad start to my holiday. It was supposed to be a holiday to get some winter sun after the trauma of losing my husband earlier this year.

The lack of concern was repeated on my return journey. I was left at Palma with no assistance, if it had not been for concerned passengers who looked after me all the way, I dread to think what might have happened.

Your reps are far too young and not trained to look after disabled people.
On arrival at Birmingham my case was so badly damaged half the contents had gone. Eventually when I arrived home I was so upset by all the lack of concern, I believe an explanation and compensation by Airtours is necessary.

I await your early reply.

Yours sincerely
Mrs M.V. Tuck


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