Dear Sir, going back to the higher rates in and the general mismanagement of Calvia, are local tax payers and the Daily Bulletin aware of the fact that non-residents can claim one third of their fare to the mainland from the council courtesy of Margarita? This is now used by non-resident and by non-property owners, in particular French citizens, ie, people who pay no rates at all. As for the French property owners they have simply decided to ignore Spanish law and are not even paying their property tax to the Spanish Government (Declaration simplificada de no residentes).

These people normally cross by ferry or plane to Barcelona and continue their trip by buying another ticket in that town if they are not travelling in their own car.

This practice can eventually turn into an additional burden on the budget of Calvia if not stopped. What is needed is for Calvia to check that people are genuine residents before giving this privilege.

In any event the fiscal haemorrhage has to be stopped.

It is high time the above is investigated by the central government by checking if the French property owners have complied with Spanish tax laws.

Of course the French tend to look down on Spain and consider that country as exporter of cheap labour hence their complete contempt for Spanish laws.

Disgusted reader


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