Dear Editor, this letter is intended to be a ”Quasi last ditch” attempt to achieve a bit of justice for the normal “Ex-pat” citizen of Euro-land! The following chapter will hopefully put you in my picture:
I have been on the island for about 10 years now and have been deemed 100% invalid for the past two years - Official since February, 2000, testimonial through the Spanish medical authority. This documentation was dutifully forwarded to the German Social Security Ministry in Dusseldorf which saw fit to recognise the invalidity, however, refused me any subsidies although I have paid subscriptions for 22 years whilst working as a locally employed civilian in West Berlin for the British Forces there.

Their excuse was that there had been “Reformations made in the pension laws” in that a pause in the subscriptions payments meant that I and others in similar situations were WRITTEN OFF! This means a reduced quality in life and a step or two from begging in the street.

They did however take the step and investigated in UK and found six years of subscriptions paid up whilst I did Army Service, thus bringing my subscriptions up to 29 and a half years.

I have since been in touch with the British authority in Newcastle which, like their German counterpart could only state that they could not help me claim anything. Although, in 1985 we were assured by the Ministry in Berlin that the Pension Scheme Euroland was “Synchronised”! For what may I ask? In both instances a fat rigmarole of blocks and excuses.

I was told that the German policy over the reform was that the “Pension Pot” was emptying quicker than replenishment. However, they, the German government have just given their civil servants in retirement a 1.5% rise along with ex-DDR civil servants, who now receive 90% of their western colleagues. Nothing for me, but plenty for the one-time enemy of the democratic west, as the clique of DDR civil servants were indeed directed to work contra to anything western. My 20-odd years in Berlin gives me authority to think and say as such.

Plus, whilst the present German Foreign Minister (Fisher) was a Quasi Squatter in Frankfurt, I was doing a job in Berlin and paying my taxes, etc, etc. This bunch of people are now the Green party, which we thought, on taking up Party Policy, would do something positive for us. No way, once in power, the rhetoric changes to suit their own pockets.

So much for the moment on the intricacies of my story.
I feel sure that others may be in a similar situation, as we were a few thousand who packed up and left Germany after the so-called reunion.
Yours sincerely,
Timi and Dagmar White


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