Dear Sir, it's been said that the oldest profession in the world is prostitution. It may well be so, and whatever a person's personal moral viewpoint on this subject, it certainly is not going to go away! The problem is being highlighted in Palma, with prostitutes openly soliciting on main streets, and not just in the ”red light district” areas such as Porta San Antoni but in the Avenidas, etc., where not so long past, these ”ladies of the night” were positioned opposite El Corte Ingles with placards actually quoting the price, and the store was still open! It seems the police cannot (under present laws), arrest them and are only able to ”move them on”, so the problem only shifts from one area to another.

As said, whatever the moral arguments on this activity, it must be said that prostitutes do provide a service, be it so sad, kerb crawling characters, but more importantly to those who if not having this ”safety valve” available, might well become a danger to women, young girls, and even children, if denied this outlet. The problem (as seemingly the law's hands are tied) is ”where” these activities could take place and give least offence/annoyance to city residents.

One possibility could be to direct them to the poligono. The place is deserted at night, no residential homes to find reason to complain a nice, dark, deserted area where these nocturnal meetings could best be made.

Yours sincerely, Graham Phillips


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