Dear Sir, on Saturday your sister paper Ultima Hora had a diagramatical map showing the number of cases of mad cow disease in Europe. The Score So Far:
UK 179'234 Ireland 557 Portugal 479 France 188 Belgium 19 Holland 7 Germany 6 Italy 2 Spain 1 The figures speak for themselves - The World Leader in BSE goes to the UK - should we criticise or commiserate?
A country that has made so much fuss over Genetically Modified Food has in fact created a curse that will spread for many years to come and with typical English phlegm - the matter appears to be made light of - even to the point now of accusing the French of covering up on the figures and that Europe should have put precautions in place earlier.

This is coming from the perpetraters - one should ask - Who are they to preach?
This comes from a country which at every opportunity criticises Europe, the Euro, the Euro task force etc, etc they have no right whatsoever to set themselves on a pedestal and look down on other nations their antiquated views are no longer valid - Has nobody ever told them they lost the empire sometime ago and nobody really is interested any longer in Dunkirk and all that anymore! The infamous ”Hand Bag Lady” states that she is distrustful of Europe – her statement runs along the lines of that, she mistrusts them and that England saved them and that the U.S.A. is a much better place to cuddle up to well, from where I'm standing the great American Eagle looks more like a Sick Parrot!! I would offer only this to my fellow countrymen, the world's sort of crowded at the moment - if you want to get off PLEASE do so - we need the space - our miss will be a good one - the wingeing factor will go down immensely. The UK won't notice any difference at all - they are not part of the real world anyway! Yours
Alan Morris


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