Dear Sir, I expected, at the very least, to read of a combined statement from the remaining EEC countries “blaming Britain.” Instead I found a letter to the Editor reflecting the personal views of one (young?) man masquerading as a British subject.

Mr Morris bases his premise “Britain is to blame” on REPORTED figures originating from the countries concerned and issued by a (non-partisan?) SPANISH newspaper. Perhaps he should query the authenticity of these figures. Is there not a remote possibility that some of these countries may not report the correct figures? Perhaps he should also consider the remote possibility that the British could be described as honourable in that they faced up to, apologised and took responsibility for, a terrible situation, and then dealt with it expeditiously and at great cost to themselves. Would other member states have done as well?...or will they?

Surely the well-informed Mr Morris is aware that it is recognised that Britain's “Euro” inspectors perform their jobs more conscientiously than most, greatly to the detriment of the British public and the (puzzled) amusement and ridicule of some other EEC countries (who shall remain nameless!)
If Mr Morris purports to speak for Britain then I assume he means the representative government. He seems supremely unaware that the present government is in fact “openly” averse to any hint of nationalism, unlike some EEC states who equally “openly” put self-interest first and Europe second. What the people of Britain really think is another matter, and we have yet to have THAT referendum! As for criticism...please Mr Morris look at and listen to the other member states. Remember Denmark, remember French sanctions, etc., listen to the governors of various European banks on the subject of the Euro...Britain is NOT alone. ALL responsible people should be worried and if necessary criticise when (for example) they read of the attendance levels of MPs at the European Parliament, and see that vast chamber virtually empty, debate after debate. Where are all our well paid representatives? Mr Morris should remember that CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is healthy and necessary and should perhaps practice a little himself! Mr Morris' general comments on Britain/The British/USA etc., in the last half of his letter are peripheral to his argument and as such I shall ignore them. However, I am perfectly certain those comments would have been deeply offensive to a majority of readers who I feel equally certain would not care to be described, by Mr Morris, as a “fellow countryman”! Sadly for him Mr Morris is not in tune with modern thinking. Despite the present government's exhortations otherwise, the British are slowly learning that they do not need to apologise for the past. Thanks largely to a small group of vociferous historians and philosophers, the British people are beginning to realise they can be proud of their achievements, imperial or otherwise. Certainly they should also admit to errors and apologise for their mistakes.

But, above all they should recognise that they, as a nation, have always endeavoured to behave honourably and democratically. AT LEAST as honourably and democratically as any other EEC country! Wake up Mr Morris and back to your history books!

Dereka Boas


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