Dear Editor, I agree wholehearedly with Marie Robinson's comments on our Looney Left Government's shameful treatment of the US Navy ship George Washington.
And if Sr. Antich and his nitwits think that their demands that no more Nuclear–powered ships call at Palma will be heeded by only Nuclear–powered ships – oops, sorry chaps, you got it wrong again – you're dealing with the entire US Fleet. They'll all stay away. Another massive loss to our economy; but why worry? Our illustrious leaders get a fatcat paycheck every month – they don't depend (in the short term) on the billions injected into the Balearics by these unwanted and unwelcome ( but wealthy) radioactive sailors. Will they still be unwelcome when an unfriendly nation starts landing troops on Arenal beach, I wonder? (“Send help quick, we're being invaded, send help in conventionally–powered boats, our pedallos aren't up to the job.....”)
Ah well, our (penniless almond–picking) children will look back at the Antich era with fondness, as our forebears did, when the deprived days of hardship of their youth seem less painful – all the fun things that Francesc's Follies brought us; Palma filthy, no more supermarkets even though the voters want 'em, shops opening on Christmas Eve (but only just), environmental taxes levied illegally, virtually no winter tourism, fighting with Jaume Matas over desalinisation plants while the voters can't get a shower, prostitutes offering discount at the racetrack – etc. etc.

One last thought – how much would it cost to place a HALF–HOUR advert on National TV every working day for, say, six weeks ?
Don't try to work it out, even Microsoft would blanche. These idiots seem not to have even noticed that the BBC's “Passport to the Sun” has run once (at least) on BBC 1 and been repeated at least twice on Satellite; the programme has shown Majorca in the best possible light, (unlike “Prickly Heat” and “Ibiza Uncovered” ). How the Hell have I never seen the tiniest advert anywhere cashing in on this free publicity for these wonderful Islands ???

I've never been a Political animal, but these dopes would make me vote anyone back in. God help us all.
Norman M.
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