I don't really like to criticise people who are regular contributors to the Bulletin as it doesn't feel very ethical to me.... moaning about one's own house.

However, it seems that Graham Phillips has the ability to ruffle my feathers every time he opens his mouth or puts pen to paper. I read his utopical description of how a city should be run and naturally, utopia can apply to any urban capital, and yet in fact refers to nowhere, and so I took his descriptions with a big pinch of salt.

I can try to picture Mr. Phillips standing on a box in Hyde Park Corner spouting off his opinions but not ready to participate more actively in local government.

He admitted in the open debate held at the Bulletin's office last year that he could only envisage joining into politics to acquire power, if I remember rightly. It was on this point that I have always begged to differ.... as I still believe that there are people involved in politics who are for the improvement of their town and not themselves.

He may, or may not, remember that at the time when I was encouraging people to become involved in their local politics prior to the local elections of 1999, I tried to be as impartial as possible, not refering to my own leanings and affiliation, whether they were known or not.

Since it is possible, I think it is only fair for non-Spaniards to approach the party of their liking and offer their services, experience and advice.
Anything else is very like a Majorcan expression that translates ”Back to the wall, and criticising” which may make the critic feel good but doesn't really do anything positive to improve the situation.

Now we have a period of about 2 years before the next local election fever starts again.
Here on Majorca there must be loads of English speaking people who are really involved in the Majorcan way of life through marriage, like me. I would like to take this opportunity of encouraging them to try and find out more about their local politics, so that they could inform the former fellow countrymen, particularly the Bulletin readers, about the ins and outs of the different parties whichever they are.

Mr. Phillips is obviously not in favour of the Partido Popular, after his comments to Marie Robinson, so why doesn't he go along to one of the other five parties at present in power and help them how to do things?

Anne Kay
Pt. Andratx


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