Dear Sir, end of September we were sitting on a terrace not far from the Hotel Victoria when we saw two aeroplanes (one due to land at Palma airport, the other one had just taken off) approaching one another. When they got so near to one another that it seemed from our vantage point that they were going to hit each other (this was an optical illusion) a strip of light starting from the position of the aeroplanes and ending at the base in a shape similar to that shown on page 3 of your issue of 2nd December with a core in colour (blueish green). The direction where it may have hit the surface was somewhere along the coast roughly near Porto Pi or perhaps a little further west. We did not attach much attention to this because we had thought it was a routine signal from one of the two aeroplanes to warn the other one in order to avoid a crash. It all happened during the last days of September at approximately 10:30pm.

Perhaps you would like to pass this information on to the authorities that are looking at this case.

Carl L.T. Reitlinger


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