Dear Bulletin, I saw the BBC TV programme all about Majorca. So I am writing to let you know about this Holiday from Hell, here at this Palma Nova hotel. There are many people who have been burgled whilst out of their bedrooms at various times, but I disturbed a burglar in the early hours of Saturday the 9th of December. I am on my OWN and was terrified. I woke up coughing as I suffer with asthma and heard noises, so I peeped over my sheet and saw a man bent down at the foot of my bed! I said “Hey” and he said ”Adios, Senora” and dashed out. I put my light on and the drawers and wardrobe had been opened. My purse was on the floor, empty, I had £175 taken and was in shock.

I am aged 74 years and have spent many winter holidays in this resort and other resorts without any trouble. Also, the burglars have stolen from other hotels in Palma Nova.

I went to the police station with the rep and spent one hour there. All the visitors are nervous and full of apprehension, ruined holidays for many.
Also, I have already paid £1'000 for my next holiday on January 5th for five weeks here at this hotel, but no way am I coming back here.
Airtours are trying to find me another hotel for January 5th, but there are not many single rooms available. My poor head is in turmoil. I already take sleeping pills and have done for 30 years, as I suffer with depression and tension, that is why I come to Majorca each winter to RELAX.

Mrs Shirlee Gledhill
Palma Nova Hotel


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