Dear Sir, what a “double whammy” the two letters published on the same day this week in the Bulletin from Ms Robinson and Ms Kay, following a letter and article of mine published earlier on.

On Ms Kay's remarks that utopia cannot exist in a city, well I agree, so maybe she will remember this when incessantly criticising Calvia council, who represent the opposite to her political beliefs. My article (if read again) outlines possible solutions, accepting all the while that a town/city has many problems. I only ask for professional, qualified people to take the right steps, of whichever political hue.

I still believe that non-Spanish residents (and I believe Ms Kay is in fact having Spanish nationality, so does not fall into this category) should vote most definitely in local elections, as the town/municipality they live in is where they should have a say in matters, all at a local level, but to stand for election, no. Foreign residents are not here to run Spanish affairs -there are plenty of Spaniards who can fill the post, and it's their municipality/country.

As far as her remarks about “speaker's corner” of Hyde Park, well, in my father's day, the greatest orators of the time, leading intellectuals, politicians and the like, silk top hat on view, drews hundreds to hear their speeches/views and questioned them. But, alas, during a recent visit to London where my hotel was opposite, I stepped out to see the famous “corner” to find that it was only given over to religious cranks sharing a dozen or so foreign tourists; I feel more in touch with the “earlier” years.

On to Ms Robinson's letter. As with Ms Kay, she can find nothing wrong with the PP party, and nothing right with the present socialist coalition government. The total sum of her argument is that the “other party” must be a (that's me!) ”socialist”. How black and white this viewpoint and how wrong. The many years the PP party held power here was not dedicated to solving the on-going problems of water, electricity, refuse, etc. However, I do not believe the present government are doing all things right. Quite the contrary. This incessant delay on getting motorways finished, the Inca-Alcudia route is one in particular, is ridiculous. During my 31 years here, traffic must have increased 100 fold, yet the same road exists on this stretch. We should increase golf courses by 100% (with recycled water) and if measures are taken to reduce the “cheap end” of the tourist market, better for the island as a whole. Majorca depends on tourism and is at a cross-roads of decision: to go down in reputation and name with ever increasing cheap tourism, or stem the tide and lift up its image.

As always, Ms Robinson shoots her comments/views like an erratic scatter gun, mentioning scandals in the Socialist government of Felipe Gonzalez, yet forgetting the “tunnelgate” of Soller that resulted in the PP president of Majorca resigning. All cats are grey at night! Then the reference to stores open on holidays.

She assumes I am against this and will join a picket line! This silly statement would not normally deserve any answer, but I must say it has been a pleasant experience to shop quietly on a Sunday, and if staff are happy with double pay, extra time off, why not. But, Christmas Eve? Firstly, I would not be so badly organised as to leave shopping so late, and frankly when being attended by staff in the store, I would not be able to help thinking that they may resent not being at home with their family, children, decorating the tree, dealing with the excitement of the youngsters. No, to finish at ten at night to get home at 10:30 or 11, to collapse -nice start for the Christmas day! So Ms Kay and Ms Robinson, try to open your minds to other people's views, it might get you a lot more votes than before if you choose to stand in the next local elections. It's said that “there is none so blind as those who will not see” and that's a sad stance to take.

Your sincerely
Graham Phillips


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