Air France has recently cancelled its shuttle service between Paris and Brussels because it can no longer compete against the railway which is cheaper and almost as fast. Will the extended railway mean that we abandon our cars and take advantage of a better rail network? I think not. I believe that the average person in Majorca believes that the railway is for tourists and people who can't drive or afford a car. It is not being taken seriously.

I overheard one person discussing the new rail network and he said that he would never catch the train to work even though he lived in Inca because when he got to Palma there was no bus to take him to his place of work in the Jaime III. He prefers to drive into the city pay high parking fees and drive home just because it offers a door-to-door service. The local government is pouring thousands of millions of pesetas into improving the railway instead of spending more money on motorways. They are making a mistake. It is fantastic idea and one that I truly support but there is no public transport culture in Majorca. Few people take the bus.

The local government and the city council must take more radical action if they want more people to use public transport. Driving in the centre of Palma is a nightmare and it will continue to be so until the public can be convinced that public transport is for everyone and not just people who don't have cars.

Jason Moore


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