I was contacted by a local resident yesterday following my Viewpoint on the flop of winter tourism in Majorca. And I have now been informed that these fine concerts which have been organised for winter tourists are not only poorly attended, residents are barred. The gentleman in question wanted to attend a concert, organised by the local ministry for tourism, at a hotel but he was barred because he was not a hotel guest even though they are open to the public. He has already brought his plight to the attention of Calvia Mayor Margarita Najera, but his complaint went unanswered. “I am a rate-payer and I and many others effectively pay for the concerts but we are not allowed to enjoy them. The same can be said for the large number of holidaymakers who stay in holiday apartments.” I would love for the winter tourism drive to be successful. It wouldn't do any harm to this newspaper's circulation and would also benefit thousands of other businesses in Majorca.

But if we want winter tourists things have to be better organised. I noticed that one tour firm was planning wine-tasting trips to the island. This is a good idea and it is a start. I am sure that many people living or in business on the island have plenty of ideas. It is a great shame that the army of business-people involved in tourism are not consulted by the local ministry for tourism before they launch these ambitious campaigns which do not have any real basis. Even the title “Winter in Majorca” is not very upbeat but it is probably quite apt. It sums up the campaign.

If anybody does have any ideas, please send them to me I will make sure that they are passed on the local authorities.
Jason Moore


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